Polaroidized Armenia isn't necessarily as much a photography project than a communicational project. It is my small art project that is based on taking contact and having communication over a language barrier when there is no shared language even in a single word level.

I was joining a photography workshop in Dilijan, Armenia spring 2019 with mission to get in touch with armenian people without a common language. Before the workshop I tought about ways to break the ice as a part-time introvert Finn in a unfamiliar culture. For a couple of reasons my choice was to get a Polaroid-camera:

Firstly, Poradoid camera is - I think - a quite familiar, yet not very common camera so I thought it could draw attention among the local people and therefore help to make contact whith them. Secondly, I wanted to be able to give something back to the people that allowed me to photograph them either on the streets or at their homes. Thirdly, Polaroid film I use takes around 10 to 15 minutes to develop. That forces me to stay in contact and interact with the people at least for the time the film develops. There is no comfort zone to escape if the communication doesn't work, so I have to make it work! 

And not to mention, as a photography enthusiast my self, I just love having new photography gadgets...

My Polaroid camera having a huge impact I was delighted to have many good chats with very friendly and hospitable Armenians. Me as a Finn speaking mostly Finnish and my fellow Armenians speaking Armenian. From these random encounters combined with Armenian sights I composed four sets of three Polaroid photos in which these random encounters meets the effects and faults typical to Polaroid film that attaches the unattached images into artistic photo series.